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Osniel, Buick Invicta 1960, classic convertible to discover Havana

Buick Invicta was a full-size, high-end automobile produced by Buick from 1959 to 1963. The Invicta was a continuation of the Buick Century concept that merged the Buick LeSabre standard size (pre-1959, Buick Special) body with a larger 401 cubic inch V8 engine, producing what was called the banker's "hot rod".
The name Buik Invicta is derived from Latin and means "undefeated, unbeatable and invincible" according to Buick Motor Division sales promotion materials.
A perfect car to enjoy our tours of Havana
* Tour of Old Havana
* Hemingway Tour
* Tour of Colonial and Classic Havana
* Tour of modern Havana
* Architectural Tour
We also offer trips to the boathouse and airport of Havana.

Pax Capacity
Max 5 pax
Car Model
Buick Invicta
AC Condition

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